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Monthly Memoir – April 2019

British blogger over 40 plowing out birthday candles

I hope you don’t mind if this post is rather photo-heavy and word-light – I’m just absolutely knackered! My sewing machine is away for repair, so I’m finding myself doing all the household tasks that have been piling up over a long time, and now I’m too tired to form many sentences that make sense. So here’s a mainly picture account of what I got up to in April!….

If you saw my silly poem for Stephen, you’ll know it was our friends’ wedding at the beginning of the month. We decided to actually make a long weekend of it and stay at my parents’ house whilst we were over in the South-East. Anyway, knowing how long it takes us to get ready, and how often we’re late, Chris insisted we leave about an hour before we had to, so ended up in London with time to spare. And so we went to The Cafe in the Crypt for a small lunch.

Cafe in the Crypt, St Martin in the Fields, London

Cafe in the Crypt, central London

If you find yourself near Trafalgar Square in London looking for somewhere to eat, then I highly recommend the Cafe in the Crypt. We couldn’t believe how good value it was for a cafe right in the heart of tourist central London. And yes, you really are in a crypt, under the church of St Martin in the Fields.


Wedding photo

Champagne at a wedding - blog diary

wedding photo - blog diaryLondon at night - blogging

It was a wonderful day and it’s lovely to see Stephen and Kate so happy. It was also great to say to hello to people we hadn’t seen since before we moved to Somerset, now all grown-up and settled!

birthday cake

Over the next couple of days we saw family, and as was my birthday coming up it was nice to have the chance to celebrate with them. My Mum makes a dam good cake!

pouring tea

So yeah, a week later it was my birthday and we went out to the National Trust Court’s Garden near Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire. I’d been there in autumn with Mum and Dad, so was curious to see what the gardens look like in spring. It also gave me the opportunity to try out my birthday present from Chris – a new Sigma 56mm 1.4 lens for my micro four-thirds camera. Oh my god I LOVE it! I’ll be writing another blog post about it very soon.

Afternoon tea at the Courts Garden in Holt

blogging about afternoon teaSo we ate out again, and had a cross between lunch and afternoon tea with scones for our pudding! I believe this cafe has a very good reputation, and we had to queue for about half an hour for a table, which was really unlucky, but worth the wait. If you’re interested, we found out that the cafe there isn’t actually run by the National Trust, but you do have to be members or pay to get to it. The food is delicious!

The Courts Garden, National Trust, Wiltshire

The Court’s Garden didn’t disappoint and they’d really made an effort to make the gardens beautiful and blooming for the time of year so I’d recommend a visit if you’re near Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire in spring. There were many varieties of tulips everywhere. And just look at the depth of field on that!:

Tulips at the Courts Garden near Bradford on Avon

I try not to repeat too much of my content in different places, so if you’d like to see more of the flowers there, please follow me on Instagram as I took loads of photos! I’ve already posted some beautiful cherry blossom and a Snakeshead Fritillary, but there are more to come!

And lastly, of course, it was Easter.

Easter egg hunt

And yes, I do still do an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. Even though they’re 23 and 20! Actually usually I do a little egg hunt on Ostara, and a big egg hunt on Easter, but as Rain was away for Ostara, I combined them both! However, I have warned them that I’m not doing a little egg hunt from now on as we always spend hours trying to find the one or two that no-one can find and I can’t remember where they’re all hidden! We did eventually find the last one though – just before the sun set!

Blogging about Easter

Also, the bathroom renovation continued through the first half of April, but now the builders have left the building and I’m left to paint and decorate. (Another reason why I’m all out of energy.) I’ll fill you in on the rest of that when I’ve finally finished! Also, Chris and I squeezed in a day out before the end of the month. This time we went to Salisbury and Avebury, but as I took many photos that I’d like to share with you, I’ll put that in a separate post too.

I hope you had a great April. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments!

If you’d like to see more of mine, the first bit is in my latest vlog on my YouTube channel. (The second bit will be coming soon!)


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