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Styling a hippy maxi dress

Styling a hippy maxi dress

I bought this dress from a magic shop under the shadow of a pirate castle in Lanzarote when we were on holiday last year. By that I mean that it was one of those shops with a tiny front and a little plank door and you have to duck low to get inside. Then you find the shop is massive and goes back and back and back until it comes out onto another street entirely. Anyway, it was from there, but if you want to try and hunt it out out, the label says Elora…..

styling a hippie maxi dress

It wasn’t cheap at all – I think it was sixty euros, which is a lot for me to spend on a dress, but I was on holiday; I hadn’t bought anything else, and the kids encouraged me to buy it because they said it looked so nice. So that was that, and I went for it! I love a maxi dress; they look amazing and are perfect for Instagram, but I’ll be honest, it is one if those items that I don’t usually allow myself to buy because I just can’t handle them! I mean, my hands are always full when I go upstairs, and then I end up treading on the dress until I find myself kneeling half way up the staircase. And all that fabric gets in the way and I find myself rolling over it in my office chair. I just can’t cope! But there’s always that dress that you have to break the rules for, and this is the one.

How to wear a woollen shawl

how to wear a hippy dress

I love the fact that it is a hippy dress without looking too much like it came out of an incense-filled shop from the ’90s. Perhaps I’d class it more as bohemian fashion actually. The embroidery is very pretty without being over the top, and I really like the changes in fabric. The short, slightly puffed sleeves are cute.

hippie dress details

Also the back of the dress has elastic shirring which makes it really comfortable to wear.

hippy dress detail

How to wear hippy clothing and still look cool

We’re not yet in guaranteed warm weather, so I picked up a brown woollen shawl that goes well with the beige colour of the dress and matches with the medieval style too. In fact I’m planning on wearing this dress to a medieval fayre later this year. I’m sorry, I don’t remember where the shawl came from.

Dancing in a medieval maxi dress

a medieval style dress

I wore the maxi dress with black boots, but in the summer it will look pretty with sandals. I also had leggings on underneath for warmth! That’s a good tip for spring fashion actually – when you’re ready to change your outfits to something more flowy and summery but the temperature isn’t yet agreeing with you: wear a maxi dress with leggings underneath!

Styling a beige maxi dress

We took these photos during a day-trip to Dorset where we visited Portland Bill near Weymouth. It was a really strange weather day, starting out sunny and warm, but then a purple haze descended which gave everywhere quite a spooky feel!

I found it quite difficult to find similar dresses for you online, proving that you should always pop into little shops on holiday! Beige is a colour that’s on trend for summer 2019 so I tried to keep with those shades. Here are some maxi dresses you might like:


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