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Is the holiday ‘Magic Dress’ really magic? (Will it fit any size?)

styling a blue summer dress

This design of dress can be seen in many an independent clothing shop or hanging at a market stall in many tourist destinations. It’s often advertised as ‘The magic dress’ because it will fit any size. I decided to put that claim to the test!…

the magic dress on a plus size woman

I bought this particular blue dress in a shop called Lola Blue in Padstow in Cornwall a couple of years ago, but ever since, I’ve seen the same design (though sometimes sleeveless) all over the place, but particularly in tourist destinations, from Bath to Venice! There are many colours and patterns available too, and I’ve succumbed to buying two more since.

Wearing a summer dress with converse all stars


There are two layers of woven cotton to the dress; cut on the bias, they stretch to fit. However, they aren’t quite as magic as they say they are! These photos were shot two years ago when I was the top end of size 16, and this dress only just fits. And of course, the wider you are, the shorter the dress gets – I saw someone wearing it, who I’d guess was a size 10 and the dress came to below her knees!

Styling a blue floral dress

It was hot; I was away where no-one knew me and in holiday mode; but I wouldn’t ordinarily wear a dress this short. And as my size has edged to the top end of 18, the three dresses have been packed away for time when I have my diet and hypothyroid disease under better control.

The magic dress on a plus size woman

The length issue can be counteracted by wearing the dress as a tunic top over summer trousers or shorts, but although I can still get the dresses on; they look stretched across the bust, and the armpits are far too tight. So in conclusion, no, they are not magic dresses and do not fit every size. They are exactly the same as most ‘one size’ items of clothing, and has a limit of about size 16.

British Fashion blogger over 40




I styled the dress with simple converse all star plimsolls. I’ve also worn it on holiday with flip-flops or sandals, but due to the casual nature of the woven fabric, I don’t think it’s the sort of item that be dressed up with heels and a nice bag – it just wouldn’t work.




This is the bit where I do ‘Shop the look’ and give you some online options. And even though mine are unbranded, I thought it would be easy to find the dress on Amazon, however I had no luck at all. I think you’re just going to have to keep your eyes peeled while you’re out and about this summer if you like the look of it. If any of you know the type of dress I’m talking about, and have seen it online, please share the link below in the comments; thank you!


Style Inspiration,

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I have not seen these dresses but it is an interesting concept.



It’s a shame I couldn’t find any to link to online; maybe they’re only in Europe at the moment. 🙂


Grace Liang

You always look amazing! Great post as always.




Thank you so much Grace. 🙂


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