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Styling boho chic for sightseeing

styling a boho chic outfit

I love bohemian style fashion at any time of year, but there’s something about the romance of summer sightseeing that makes it even more perfect. And if you were to think of a boho brand, then Free People would probably be it…

Styling a white Free People top

bohemian style while travelling

Free People only goes up to a ‘Large’ which (I’ll be perfectly honest so you know what to expect if you’re browsing Free People and are a similar size to me) doesn’t really fit me! However the loose flowy styles they often have, can be more forgiving to my figure. This white vest top with the pretty lace detailing was too gorgeous to leave behind just because it was a bit tight on the old boobs!

boho chic style

There is a department store in America called Lord and Taylor, and if you’re a Free People fan, and if you’re across the pond, take a look at their sale rails where you can often pick up a Free People bargain. I’ve also spotted the brand at a reduced price at Saks 5th Avenue outlets. However, for us Brits, there are almost always Free People items in the sale section at Asos.

styling a white bohemian dress

bohemian outfit for travelling

So anyway, the white vest top is from Free People and underneath I wore denim shorts from F&F at Tesco. I hardly ever wear denim (I’ve said this before, but why would you turn a lovely soft fabric like cotton into something hard and stiff and uncomfortable?!) but I really didn’t have anything else in my wardrobe that would go more perfectly.

Styling a white boho Free People top

The necklace I’m wearing here was $1 from Forever 21 and as the vest top was pretty low cut, I chose this one to fill in the gap! The silver band worn backwards on my head, with the eucalyptus (I think) leaves was bought two years previously from a street seller outside the Acropolis in Greece. You know me; I do like to dress up according to what I’m doing / where I’m going!

Roman style while sightseeing Rome

My canvas sandals are from Blowfish and are surprisingly comfortable considering I usually discount such flat shoes, but again, they look a bit Roman, so I wore them on this holiday quite a lot!

Blowfish canvas sandals

It was the pretty lace (or is it crochet) details that clinched the sale for me – I absolutely love it!

White lace details on a boho top

boho outfit for sightseeing

By the way, the blush pink rucksack I’m wearing/holding was from Primark last year. I’m still not totally sold on a rucksack over a shoulder bag, but for cycling that day, it really was the best option.

cycling the Appian Way in Rome

Shop the look:

We took these photos last year while sightseeing in Rome and this was the day we hired bikes and rode the Appian Way looking at all the Ancient Roman remains along it. It was a fantastic day, and if you’d like to see the outfit in action, here’s my Youtube video:

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How fun to ride bikes in Rome! I am sure it was an experience! We love bike riding at the beach but haven’t done it in a few years.



Hi! Yes, it was such a good way to explore some of the less busy ancient Roman remains; I’d definitely recommend it! (We hadn’t ridden bikes for years either!)


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