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Styling the crochet trend

Styling the crochet trend

What happened to that then? Every single fashion trend forecaster and subsequent fashion blogger told us last February that crochet was going to be a big thing this spring and summer. It didn’t really happen though did it?…

styling the crochet trend

Styling a free people crochet top

I did hear several people saying they were going to avoid that particular trend, however, what with my penchant for hippy fashion, I was all up for it! I actually bought this crochet top back in summer 2018, so I was clearly ahead of the game! To be fair, it’s from bohemian brand, Free People, and they quite often include crochet in their clothing designs regardless of the fashion trends. And likewise, I like crochet clothing anyway too. I’m not usually one for dabbling in a trend I’m not sure of, particularly with a pricey brand such as Free People. I did, however, manage to pick this up in a department store sale while I was in America, so I was very pleased with that find.

styling a beige crochet vest top and khaki skirt

I wore it here with a very simple not-quite midi skirt. This was the first purchase I’ve ever been influenced by actually, and is thanks to Emma at Brummy Mummy of Two that I found this skirt from Asos. (Now only available in black.) It has turned out to be one of my most worn items as it’s not often you find a nice skirt with a comfortable elasticated waist! It’s a little plain though, so the texture of the top makes the whole outfit more interesting.

Styling a Free People top and Asos skirt

An obvious thing to point out I know, but crochet is rather see-through, or at least, the gaps between the yarn are, so I wore a roughly skin-coloured vest underneath for modesty. If you’re more confident than I am with my belly, it would look great with a pretty bra/bralett/crop top underneath.

Styling a Free People top and Asos skirt

My trainers are from Primark. I’d heard that the black soil of Lanzarote spoils all shoes, so I deliberately went and bought a cheap pair, knowing they wouldn’t last long anyway. I bought them with much guilt in tow because I never usually buy clothing or footwear that I know will soon end up in the bin. And true to form, although these were comfortable to wear at first, they quickly wore through.

Styling a Free People top and Asos skirt

Fashion blogger wearing crochet Free People top

Yes, I casually dropped in there that we took these photos whilst on holiday in Lanzarote. We’re actually in the crater of a volcano! Hot day + bit of a walk to get there = sweaty face! I know it’s not really matching our autumn temperatures right now, but I thought the khaki of the skirt and the biscuit beige of the top leant itself to autumn (and I had too many photoshoots for summer) so I thought I’d write this post now. You could always chuck on a cosy thick-knitted cardigan and wear knee-length brown boots instead, and the outfit would be perfect for autumn!

Exploring a Lanzarote volcano crater

Shop the look:

The same skirt, but in black:

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