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Scary Disney-inspired Costumes for Halloween

zombie disney halloween costumes

Halloween is on its way folks, and if you don’t want to go trick or treating in the same Sainsbury’s witch dress as everyone else, then now’s the time to be looking for an original Halloween costume. I love subverting the unexpected, so taking a cute wholesome fairytale Disney character, and then turning them into a nasty zombie or an evil version of themselves sounds like fun to me!…

Where better to look for a unique Halloween costume than handmade emporium Etsy ? I was surprised to find that very few sellers had specifically made a scary version of a Disney character, however with the right make-up and if you’re willing, a few splatters of fake blood, you could turn the fairytale outfits into something perfect for Halloween. Here are a few of my favourites:

Fancy being savage twisted version of Pocahontas? Check out this awesome outfit made by Arshania Cosplay:


I thought this blood-splattered white pinafore from KMK Designs llc would look fantastic over the top of a blue dress and you’ve got yourself a scary Alice in Wonderland costume:


Or how about being a zombie Snow White with blood dripping everywhere?

zombie halloween disney costume

This scary Disney inspired Snow White costume is actually one I made for Threads of a Fairytale and I thought it would make a great Halloween costume. You could add some fake blood and dirt to your skin to really grunge it up if you like!

Now, like I said, I really expected to go on Etsy and find quite a few Halloween Disney costumes, but we’re onto my last one already. I used to do these handmade clothing blogs fairly often, and I’d like to revive them again, so hopefully my next theme will give you more to choose from! I love this dress by Zombie Costumes, with the blood dripping from a vampire bite down one side. It looks like a Belle from Beauty and the Beast dress to me! All you’d need is some clever teeth puncture wounds on your neck and some vampire teeth, and this would be brilliant for a corrupt Disney Halloween costume:

I hope this post has given you some Halloween costume inspiration and please do check out the links to support handmade businesses.

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