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Greatest Showman inspired glamorous circus costumes

Greatest showman inspired circus costumes

The Greatest Showman film is still in our hearts and the soundtrack is perfect for cheering up a housework day, so I thought I would gather together some of my favourite handmade circus outfits. It would be a great theme for a Halloween costume, so even though us Brits usually go for scary costumes, this time I’ve focus on the glamorous side of the circus….

First of all we have a purple leotard that is full-on inspired by the character Anne Wheeler (played by Zendaya). This is very close to the costume she wears for the circus performances and I love the fact that maker, Olga Poltavtseva offers it in xxs and plus sizes up to 5xl. There are several unusual and unique costumes in the shop, Riona Dress but I love this circus outfit:

Greatest showman Zendaya costume


And while we’re on this Greatest Showman movie character, I also found an outfit very similar to the one Anne Wheeler wears in that beautiful and sad rehearsal scene when she sings ‘Rewrite the Stars’ with Zac Efron’s character, Phillip Carlyle. (Oh how I wish I could do those aerialist tricks!) This circus outfit is made by Jayne Angela Whitehead at Boodwah Boutique:

greatest showman costumes

The Boodwah Boutique has a collection of consciously made festival, beach and party inspired clothing and everything is made to order or made with vintage or organic fabrics. I also had to include these stripy circus hotpants – they’re so cool!






The handmade costume community have also come up trumps with several versions of the classic Ringmaster jacket over on Etsy. However, if you’re after one in the same colours and similar design to the one Hugh Jackman’s character, P.T. Barnum wears for showtime, then take a look at this red sequin tailcoat made by Andrea Howell at Tidal Cool. With its black satin lapels and cuffs along with all the gold trims, it has all the dazzling details you would expect for the leader of the circus!:


I’m always inspired at Glastonbury Festival, and I particularly love hanging around in the Big Top and the circus field there. So a while ago I made a circus collection for Threads of a Fairytale – lots of ruffled bustles, sequin velvet crop tops and blousy bloomers! There are still a few items available, and I recently re-photographed all of them to match the other photos in my shop. This is one of my favourites, and I’m sure Anne Wheeler would approve of the colours! :

Threads of a Fairytale circus costumes

I hope this post has given you inspiration for some Greatest Showman costumes that you might like to try for Halloween outfits this year. I actually think the circus is a brilliant theme for any party as it gives so much scope for different costumes. Do go and check out the links I’ve shared to support small handmade businesses – we really do a happy dance with every sale!


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