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Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings!

rustic Christmas decor

Despite my best intentions, and despite having a quiet Christmas day with just Chris and the girls this year, I still didn’t manage to come here and wish you a Merry Christmas; so here it is a day late!…

We actually celebrated Christmas the weekend before and went over to Kent to visit all of our families who live that way. It was such a lovely time and I always love seeing everyone, particularly our nieces and nephews to see how they’ve grown and find out what they’re up to. It was the only chance we had where R and J could get the time off work, and even then, they had to argue their case when their bosses tried to make them work even though it had been booked off weeks ago. It was only three days! It makes me a little bit mad that they really tried to push them, and not have any regard for the fact that they wanted to see their families for Christmas. As it is, they are both working today, and every day for the rest of the year and beyond. I’m not actually sure when they are next both not working so we can do something altogether – assuming that is, that Chris can get the time off by then!

I have told them both that they need to aim towards being self-employed (and not on call (Chris spent most of Friday ignoring my aunt and uncle, sister and parents while he fixed something that had gone wrong) ) so that we can make sure we can have time to spend altogether. I really miss the fact that we’ve not been able to do our usual visits to National Trust places to see all their Christmas decorations this year. I’m very grateful that we did all go to Bath Christmas market a few weeks ago, which was a lovely day out.

By the way, I have been filming little diary-style snippets all through December on my Instagram Stories as an alternative to the Vlogmas I used to do on YouTube. I’ve saved them all to Highlights if you fancy looking through them. I’ve also been filming for my YouTube channel, and hopefully I’ll catch up on my last America vlog quickly so I won’t be uploading it too far after Christmas!

Here’s the little Christmas message I put up on Christmas Eve:

I hope you had a very merry Christmas and had a lovely day whether you were celebrating or not. And have a wonderful new year!

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