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How to dress more creatively (part 3) Button down the back

how to dress more creatively

If you’re looking to add a bit more creativity to your wardrobe, when you’re clothes shopping, keep a look out for fastenings in unusual places…

Welcome to my series about how to dress more creatively. People bored with the contents of their wardrobe have asked for my help, so here’s my guide to moving away from the jeans and Breton striped tops you might automatically reach for!

linen tunic dress

Unusual fastenings

It’s often the little details that make a garment more interesting, and when you don’t want to change your style or what you’re used to wearing completely, just look for items with fastenings where you don’t usually see them. It could be a zip at the back of the neck of a plain top. Or buckles at the cuff of a simple white shirt. Even a pair of jeans with a zip at the side instead of at the front like usual makes what would have been an ordinary outfit look striking. Items of clothing like this aren’t always easy to find, but sometimes a trend hits and if you like it anyway, buy while you can! Last year you could find knitted jumpers with lacing at the neckline, so I bought I couple while I had the chance. Autumn 2019 – winter 2020 trends have included the feminine white Victoriana shirts and blouses, and I’ve seen a few with high collars and buttons at the back of the neckline.
Here I have a linen tunic dress that buttons all the way down the back.

Mori girl outfit

Mori girl linen tunic

Mori girl linen dress

Quirky details

There are other quirky details I love about this tunic dress too. For a start, it has the pixie hem I talked about in part one of this How to dress more creatively series! I also like the pin-tuck design on the front, and the cute white lace embellishment around the neckline is a nod to that Victorian trend.

pin tucks on a linen tunic dressArt company chunky shoes

Styling a Mori girl outfit

I wore the outfit with darker brown leggings, but, to be honest, for every-day wear, I’d probably go with a slightly thicker leg covering(!) as the tunic dress was a little shorter on me than I realised! Really jeggings would be perfect. I also wore thick wool socks and my Art Company chunky shoes for a Mori girl vibe. Combat boots or Doc Martens would also look good.

Mori girl dress

And the dress has pockets! linen dress with pockets


Tunic dress that buttons down the back

Shop the look:

NB The links to Amazon.co.uk don’t seem to be working for me – I don’t know if I’m confusing things by being in America and it’s diverting to Amazon.com. Hopefully you can see the links, but if not, let me know and I’ll e-mail them to you!

The cotton/linen mix dress is available on Amazon:

Similar Art company shoes:




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