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Introducing my new Dr Martens Trevonna boots

Styling dr martens in winter

Dear readers, these boots are so special, I thought I would dedicate a whole blog post to them! They were a Christmas present from Chris, and no-doubt you’ll be seeing them a lot more on this blog in future!…

Dr Marten Trevonna boots

The whole family managed to have a day off at the same time, and we went to see Bath Christmas market in December. It was a lovely day out, but made all the more exciting by a surprise visit to the Dr Marten shoe shop on Union Street. I love Doc Martens, and back in the day, I saved up £45 for a pair (nowadays double that and add some for the classics) but unfortunately, when I turned 22 years old, my feet decided to grow again, and I went from size 5 to size 6! So sadly, they no longer fit, but if you know me, it won’t surprise you to know that I still have them! I’m trying to persuade J, who is size 5 to have them, but she says they’re too uncomfortable. They may end up on ebay, which is quite sad.

Anyway, although I love them, I’m also finding that in my impatient old age, I can’t be bothered to lace up boots any more. So I had more-or-less dismissed Dr Martens for not having a zip up the side. If you’re the same, then it might interest you to know that actually there are a few styles that do have a zip now. However, annoyingly it wasn’t one of those that I fell in love with! I picked up the Dr Martens Trevonna boot and I knew that this was the pair for me.

Styling the Dr Martens Trevonna boots in winter

Styling the Dr Martens Trevonna boots in winter

Dr Martens Trevonna boots

I love that the leather is textured rather than smooth and shiny; I love that it has ribbons for laces; I love that they lace from further down the boot for more interest, and more than anything, I love the platform sole. One thing I didn’t love: no flipping zip. I tried them on anyway, just to see. And oh my god, they just looked so fucking cool, I couldn’t resist. I knew what was going to be under the Christmas tree for me!

I was so excited to unwrap my new Dr Martens and wear them out, and I’ve been wearing them as often as I possibly can! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog and/or Instagram, you’ll know that I’m currently out in America again for a few weeks. These, plus a pear of waterproof fur-lined winter boots for wearing in the snow, were the only two items of footwear I packed, so every weekend when we go off on photo-shoot adventures for the fashion blog posts, these are the boots I’m wearing.

Styling the Dr Martens Trevonna boots in winter

Are Dr Martens comfortable?

I’ve eased myself in gently with these boots – just small trips out to the supermarket or very short walks to begin with. I have to admit, last weekend the backs of my heels were rubbing and felt like they might need a plaster if we were going to walk any further. Apart from that they are comfortable; underfoot, the soles are very comfortable and there is good movement in the ankle. But yes, I admit, there is a bit of wearing-in time and commitment for Dr Martens, but I feel that’s the same for most real leather ankle boots. The main thing is though, I feel totally badass in them! I can be wearing some comfy casual round-the-house old thing; have greasy hair and no make-up, and walking round Stop and Shop adding vegetables to my trolly (or cart, as they say here), I feel like the coolest person in the supermarket!

Wearing the Dr Martens Trevonna boots in winter

Styling the Dr Martens Trevonna boots in the snow

What to wear with platform Dr Martens?

Ok, I’m bias because I adore these boots, however, I honestly think they could be worn with almost anything! You don’t often see me wearing trousers in the style pages of this blog, but even so, I think the Dr Martens would go well with skinny jeans as well as wide-leg cropped trousers. But more often than not, I’m a dress girl, and I think the juxtaposition of a pretty dress with chunky boots is so cool. At the moment I’m wearing them with darker coloured dresses and black leggings, but I can’t wait to wear them with my floral vintage-style summer dresses and bare legs.
The only items I can think of that might not go with the Trevonna boots, is perhaps paler coloured ankle length skirts and dresses and wide leg trousers in lightweight fabrics like chiffon – that might be a contrast too far, but we’ll see; I’ll probably give it a try! Also, a smart tailored suit might not look right with them.

Styling Doc Martens Trevonna boots in winter


How to make a plain outfit look cool!

We took these photos while walking through Montgomery Pinetum near Cos Cob in Connecticut. It was a lovely bright snowy day, and I wrote a bit about it, along with a few of my photos in this blog post. I wore a black Free People jumper that is so gorgeously soft it’s unbelievable. I love the big bell sleeves. I bought the skirt from Macy’s backstage (discount area) and the label is Vila Milano. I picked up the skirt as it’s a rare thing to find one that looks nice and suits me, but also has a comfy elasticated waist! I like the tweed-style woven pattern and the raw edged hem. I thought this combination could be a good example of how a pair of amazing boots can really make what is really quite a plain simple outfit look that much cooler!

Do you have a pair of shoes or boots that make you feel great no matter what?

By the way, the Trevonna Dr Martens are sold out on the official American website and currently only have size 9 on the British website (though is majorly reduced), so do keep a look out for shops that might stock them. Amazon only has sizes 6 and 7 at the moment, so I am worried that this design is being discontinued – either that or they are actually a new design that have sold out quickly. These are my favourite, but there are other platform Dr Martens like the Jadon, which has the iconic yellow stitching, also comes in a vegan option and has a zip at the side (hurrah!).


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Thank you Mireille! I am wearing them all the time now!


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