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Ragdoll zombie mummy costume

The most interesting Handmade adult Halloween Costumes

Across the pond they dress up as anything and everything for their Halloween costumes- the sexier the better; however over here we tend to stick to traditional spooky themes. So our choices are more-or-less limited to ghosts, witches, zombies and vampires, but I’ve been searching Etsy UK for outfit ideas that will leave the other guests at the Halloween party envious of how good you look!….

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At Bruton Packhorse Fair

Monthly Memoir – May

Family photo

Family photo

These monthly memoirs slightly scare me because they really bring home how fast the months are flying by. May began with another trip to Kent to see family; some of whom I haven’t seen in far too long. This time the occasion was my sister’s 40th birthday party – even though it was really in January. She decided to be like the queen and have a ‘summer birthday’ as well. Actually, when we were little, my sister and I used to have a joint summer birthday when my uncle, aunt and cousins and grandparents would come over and we’d have a big roast dinner if the weather wasn’t good, or eat a picnic in the garden. We’d even get small presents, usually something to play outside with. Until I was about eleven years old I thought this was perfectly normal and everyone got a summer birthday as well as a real birthday!
Jane made some tasty quiches and my Mum made delicious deserts. The weather was beautiful – positively hot even – and overall it was an absolutely lovely day…..

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Bath Cathedral

A day in out in Bath during Fashion Week

I don’t need much persuading to go to Bath – it’s a beautiful city and considering how close we are, I really should go more often. It’s the annoyingly slow and windy drive that puts me off I think. Anyway, considering clothing is one of my favourite things, I thought I’d go during Bath in Fashion Week. I chose one paid-for event, which was the talk with Livia Firth on sustainable fashion, and was pleased to see on the website that there were plenty of free things going on that day as well….

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The Glastonbury bag dress

Recycled clothing

Recycled clothing

When you walk through the entrance of Glastonbury festival, this is usually the scenario: You’re pulling some kind of trolley or cart stacked up with camping paraphernalia; it’s wobbling precariously, but so far the bungee cord is holding. The rucksack on your back is killing your shoulders and the bag full of cans of cider and snacks is cutting into your hand. Your hoodie, which you only just remembered is tucked under your arm. Your free hand clutches your ticket and by the time you’ve reached the turnstile you realise you’ve over-packed again. You get through the gates and you’re given your programme, then your fine guide; a policeman offers you a collapsable water bottle; someone else gives you a recycling bin bag and then someone from Yeo Valley hands you a tote bag…..

Oshun - my handmade clothing label,


Just a quick post to let you know about my new website. Oshun is my clothing label for fairytale, steampunk and bohemian handmade creations. Please take a look HERE and let me know what you think!

Oshun - my handmade clothing label,

Snowdrop Inspiration

I was absolutely delighted to find a snow-drop flowering in my garden the other day. Snowdrops definitely rank in my top 5 favourite flowers. There was a garden I used to walk past on my way home from primary school, and it always had a blanket of snow-drops beneath a group of fir trees. They enchanted me. Once, I picked one and I felt guilty about it ever since! Here’s some snow-drop inspired handmade clothing and jewellery….

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Happy New Year!

I hope 2014 brings all you wish for 🙂

I’ve started the new year with a brand new shop! www.JustABitDifferent.co.uk is now up and running and selling alternative clothing for adults and kids. You may remember that www.Oshun.co.uk used to sell a mix of my handmade clothing and other quirky brands, but recently links to my Etsy shop. So I’ve decided to keep my handmade and vintage brand Oshun on Etsy, and start a new shop for the clothing by Phaze, Susu Mama, Hell Bunny, Feu Follet, Poisen Industries, Strangeways and others. I’m very excited to be re-visiting this business and hope it expands this year. I’ll be adding more stock soon and will be regularly putting items at a reduced price for a limited time, so please join www.facebook.com/OshunCreations for news and updates.

Well, I’ve stopped being completely distracted by that amazing Sherlock episode and will now post this post!

Oshun - my handmade clothing label,