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The story of an artist – Sue Clyne

The annoying thing about having a stall at the New Forest Fairy Festival is that I never have time to have a good look around everyone else’s! There are so many interesting creative people, and artist Sue Clyne definitely has a stall worth visiting. Her paintings are so interesting, I could stop and look at one for a long time! It was fascinating finding out more about her and her work….

How would you describe your art – do you have favourite themes and mediums?

I’d describe my Art as Fantasy Reality, meaning I dissect the subject matter more than what it is.

How did you begin; did you study artistic subjects?

I’ve always loved Art and it came natural to me to pick up a pencil and draw. At school I was obsessed with drawing and painting, I’d enter my art in competitions. That’s all I wanted to do was to draw! I also joined the after school Art club which I used to love. But I left school to earn a wage, but my Art never left me. I married young followed by 3 boys.

Susan Clyne

Susan Clyne

Did you always intend to be a professional artist, or did it develop from a hobby?

I always wanted to be a professional Artist, it was my dream, so even though I had a young family I’d be sketching or making and painting, I was always doing something. I trained as a makeup artist in London which I loved but still not my dream. Things didn’t work out with my husband and we divorced. Then I met my future husband and when I told him my dream was to be a full-time Artist, he supported me, so I started my dream.

What is your favourite thing about your work?

My favourite thing about Work is a blank canvas on the easel, I get so excited of what might be. Also ordering new Art materials!

Sue Clyne art

Sue Clyne art

What inspires you?

Lot’s of things inspire me, walks in the woods, holidays out and about. We go to America once a year which is so inspiring for my Native Indian work. It can be the smallest of things which inspire me, even looking out the window. Once I saw this lady at my exhibition with the most beautiful colourful yellow dress, when I got back to my studio I used the same colour’s in my painting Earth Angel I love it so much.

Do you have a favourite artist or creator you admire, and why?

I have quite a few Artists that inspire me, one being Josephine Wall, Vladimir Kush, Dali, just to name a few. All of these Artists use their imaginations and see things more than what they are. It’s nice to see how they work, it’s very interesting.

Have you had any challenges to overcome?

I have had challenges and that’s where the support comes in. It’s hard sometimes being an Artist so support is important.

Sue Clyne

Sue Clyne

Any stories to tell? Funny moments?

I have quite a few funny moments, but this one is funny. Years ago I entered 2 of my paintings in the  Art circle, the best ones would  be hung in the

Sue Clyne Art

Sue Clyne Art

forum Norwich. So as we arrived there were lot’s of people clutching their masterpieces of Art with pride and Joy, I was thinking strange thoughts of ” I thought I was the only Artist in the world! As I looked out of the car window I thought what have I done… One of My painting’s was huge!!! Anyway I got it out of the car, people were starring at me, I was so embarrassed, I held it towards me as much as I could. I approached the table where they all sat in a row, they were looking at me with eyes of Art schooling and knowledge, I had none of these. They asked me the title’s, I said “Fantasy Safari”  a voice in my head was saying it sounds like a singles holiday, then the next one “Hypnotic Temptress”, what was I thinking!!  They looked at me with disbelief, then one of the judges said “Oh now they sound interesting and laughed. Most of the work handed in was very respectable and I suppose normal?..

I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! Later that day we went back to see if they had been picked, again lots of people with eager anticipation and excitement, I approached the table, a very well dressed man was standing there looking at me. I felt very short and invisible I just wanted to get my paintings and go! He said to me I think one of yours has been chosen – wow really!!! I couldn’t believe it, they had chosen “Fantasy Safari”, they also liked the other but said it was a choice of the judges. Well I walked out of there with pride! I still have this painting and would never sell it as it reminds me of not to be so hard on myself and knock my ability of being an Artist.

Any advice for anyone wanting to learn to paint?

sueclyne4My advice would be to paint paint paint, the more you paint the more you learn. Keep fresh by going to places that inspires you, if you get Artist block don’t worry just take time out and go to your favourite place to unwind. It’s moments like these where your mind is free that you can see more. Don’t take too much advice criticism off people – do your own thing. You are probably your own worst critic, so be gentle on yourself, you’re as good as anyone else!!! At the end of the day it’s Art.

Any advice for anyone wanting to turn art into a business?

If you want to take your art professionally and you feel the time is right, there are lots of different roads. I started with getting a whole host of Art work together so I had a good variety behind me. Submit to galleries or an agent which I did as that’s the path I wanted. Being an Artist you evolve and mature and find your style, it took me a few years but it will happen; just be patient and most of all enjoy it! My dream was to have my own book out; that was one of my goals, so “Dreams of Art” came out last year with over 90 images of my Art in. It’s good to set yourself targets to motivate yourself.

Where can we find you?

I do the odd exhibition but I tend to lock myself away when i’m working on new work, but I have a website which is Susan Clyne or you can catch up with me on Facebook and Instagram where I post updates of my Art.
You can buy my book online at waterstones or amazon, just google “Dreams of Art”, also on my website.

You can get prints and posters on Art.com, and puzzles on ebay. On youtube there are several video’s with my Art on; also one of how I paint. You can find out more on my website of other merchandise my Art is and where to buy these from.

Sue Clyne Artist

Sue Clyne Artist

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