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Weekly Wardrobe – 1920’s style for Fantastic Beasts & Where to find them

You have probably realised by now that in our household we take every opportunity to dress up if we can! So when we went to the cinema to see the new J.K. Rowling film, we decided to wear clothing with a nod to the 1920’s era as that is when it’s set. This is what I came up with…..

1920s style fashion

1920s style fashion

Unless you are super-skinny, the dropped waist look is not flattering and I don’t own anything of that style, so the closest I could match to the 1920’s fashion was this wrap around ballet style top which I bought from Monsoon several years ago. The ribbon ties are silk satin and so soft, I could just stroke them against the back of my hand all day long. Is that weird?! The material of the top underneath matched perfectly, so I always wear those two together. It’s by Anchor Blue, which is an American brand, so I can only presume I bought it on holiday there many years ago.




I bought the skirt in a charity shop for £4 last week and I’m so pleased because it goes so well with the style of the top and I love grey and pink together. It’s by Phase Eight. I love the floatiness of it and the way the back is slightly longer than the front, so it really continues that ballerina theme.



I didn’t think I was going to find a pair of suitable shoes, but in the end I went with this fabulous pair as the design of the shoe is quite 1920’s even though they would’ve had a shorter heel in those days. I don’t often get to wear these shoes from Poetic Licence so I took the opportunity as I didn’t have to walk far in them!


I bought the grey shawl/scarf at Glastonbury Festival when I got caught in a shower and just wanted something light to cover up with. I think it cost £5 and is from a stall that’s always there selling traditional Indian clothing up in the Croissant Neuf field.


The string of pearls is one of many I bought in bulk to decorate the wedding dresses I make for Oshun. It really pulls the 1920’s style together and I felt quite Downton Abbey!


I made the headband from some embellished trim on Indian trousers along with some wide lace. It’s for sale for £12.50 so if you’re interested, send me a message at helen@oshun.co.uk. There are others on OshunCreations on Etsy.


With the pearls and the headband, I think I just about managed to exude a 1920’s vibe! I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that the film didn’t showcase 1920’s glamorous fashion much, but I’m hopeful they will in the next one! My review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is here, and contains no spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet. Do you dress up to match the film when you go to the cinema?

Shop the look: (All are similar.)

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jodie filogomo

I admit, I don’t dress to match the movie. In fact, I usually have to pile on the layers, because the theaters tend to be so cold!!
You look fantastic!!



Thank you Jodie 🙂 To be honest, we’re usually the only ones at the cinema who have dressed to match the movie and probably everyone else thinks we’re rather odd! It’s a bit of fun though!


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