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A walk around the Glastonbury Festival site – the story of the photographs

Walking round Glastonbury Festival site

Considering Glastonbury Festival is a hop skip and a jump away from us in Pilton, I’m surprised we don’t go for a wander around the site more often. I’m guessing it’s the long uphill walk back to the villagers’ gate that puts us off! Anyway, on Mothering Sunday the rest of the family didn’t really have a choice in the matter, and as it was a bright sunshiny day, I thought I’d drag them off on a walk….

Glastonbury Festival painted bins

Glastonbury Festival bins

It is really strange how the site seems so much smaller when the festival isn’t actually on. I think partly that’s because it’s so much quicker to walk from one place to another when you haven’t got the crowds of people slowing you down. Also, I suppose it’s amazing how much they fit into the space, so when it’s full up with markets stalls and stages, it actually feels bigger. Even without everything else, there’s still that magical atmosphere that you get at Glastonbury – but maybe a slightly calmer version!

Meeting point at Glastonbury

The Meeting Point at Glastonbury Festival


The meeting point felt oddly out of place – just that small blue painted structure, when there should be several of them and with hanging baskets over-flowing with trailing purple flowers. Also, the fact that it was so quiet except for the constant cawing of the crows nesting in the nearby row of trees, which was almost eerie.

William's green signpost

The signpost at William’s Green

Photos at worthy farm

View from the top of the Greenpeace field

the old railway track at Glastonbury festival

Walking along the old railway track

The Rainbow Warrior 2

Photos of the Glastonbury Festival site

Photos of the Glastonbury Festival site

The permaculture area is always my favourite place when Glastonbury Festival isn’t on because it’s the one bit where the rustic benches aren’t taken away and you can see it looking very similar to how it is during festival time. I love the little path-ways and bent willow. Also the bee-hives were in full swing, so I hope someone is keeping an eye on them.

Photo of blossom

Blossom and blue sky

Permaculture at Glastonbury

Permaculture area at Glastonbury Festival

Beehives at Glastonbury Festival

Beehives at Glastonbury Festival

We were lucky to have the stone circle to ourselves for a little while. By the time we left, three other groups of people had arrived – two with a picnic! I loved the fact that daffodils had been planted at the foot of most of the stones even though hardly anyone will see them.

Stone circle at Glastonbury Festival

Stone Circle at Glastonbury Festival

Stone Circle at Glastonbury

photo of the Dragon at Glastonbury Festival

The hidden dragon

This dragon really brings out the sense of child-like wonder in me. I just want to take my shoes off, paddle in the water and then walk along its back pretending I’m giving him directions for where to fly me to next.

photos of worthy farm, Pilton

Mystery structure

Not the best photo in the world, but I thought I’d include it because this is a brand-new structure that hasn’t been at Glastonbury Festival before. Does anyone know what it’s going to be? It’s situated adjacent to the road very close to pedestrian gate B.

  • Meeting Point at Glastonbury Festival

If you’d like to see a bit more of the Glastonbury Festival site, you might like to have a look at the vlog I made that week, which includes aerial drone footage over Worthy Farm and Goose Hall. Unfortunately my vlogging camera battery died so I had to use my photography camera, so the quality isn’t as good as usual and the wind noise was dreadful! I’ll try and go back again before the festival though.

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The structure is a barn being built for farm equipment



Thank you Dee, oh well, no new exciting stage or anything then!


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