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Spring lookbook – Styling a pink ruffled jumper; a black skater dress, and Pretty punk inspiration

My Weekly Wardrobe is no more! Sadly I don’t have the time to keep up with as many posts as I used to be doing, so I’ve decided to make monthly look-books instead with all my recent outfits together. It means each post is going to be a bit longer – I hope you don’t mind! So this one goes right back to Mothering Sunday when I wore the above outfit for our walk around the Glastonbury Festival site. We also have a glittery ruffled pink jumper teamed with a a 1950’s style circle skirt and lastly a black skater dress with a cool neckline….

Pretty punk style

Styling a red hooded top

Styling a red hooded top

Pretty punk fashion

Pretty punk fashion


Pretty grunge fashion

Pretty grunge fashion

The floaty dress is from Joe Browns. I bought the red hoody from ebay and is by a company called Strange Angel (No link I’m afraid as I couldn’t find them online). I love the angel wings on the back and the soft fleece on the inside keeps me lovely and warm when the sun goes behind the clouds!

Alternative fashion blog

Alternative fashion blog

Styling a Joe Browns summer dress

Styling a Joe Browns summer dress

If you look closely you can see the skulls on the print of the Joe Browns dress. It’s a subtle nod to alternative punk fashion and I love the combination of that on a floaty summer dress with a grungy hoody.

Punk clothing blog

Punk angel wings top

Punky angel wings top

I agree, the walking shoes aren’t the best part of this outfit – I’ll have to see if I can find some cooler ones! These are from Peter Storm and despite the ‘waterproof’ tag, these have never been in the slightest bit waterproof since their first outing through dewy grass! However they are ideal to walk in on a dryer day.

Joe Browns dresses

Dress detail

over 30 fashion blog


Helen Hobden

Just me wishing I’d tucked in my bra straps

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The next pictures were taken during our visit to see family during Easter weekend and we had a lovely morning looking around Knole House in Sevenoaks.

30 plus style blogger 30 plus fashion blog

How to wear pink 1950's style blog


styling a pink ruffle top

The pink ruffled jumper came from Next in the January sale and finally it’s the right kind of weather for it! I know frills across the body are not the most flattering in the world, but I was seduced by this top with the lovely soft pink colour with little glittery flecks in it. And I do like a ruffle!

The 1950’s style skirt was bought a long time ago at Glastonbury Festival when the Scandinavian brand Bohemia used to come every year and I’d buy half my wardrobe from them! Teaming it with my brand new pink suede Converse that were my birthday present the day before, I thought gave it a bit of a Grease look to the outfit and I loved it!

pink ruffled jumper

pink suede Converse plimsols pastel style 1950's style skirt

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Recently, while looking for photo-shoot locations for Oshun, we found this corner of the harbour at Watchet, in Somerset. So we popped out the car and took some photos there with me wearing this black skater dress from New Look. I think the skater dress style suits my figure, so I’m always on the look out for dresses similar to this one, and I like the extra cross-over strap detail on the front.

Somerset fashion blogger Art company sandals

The sandals are from my new favourite brand, The Art Company. I love their quirky styles and chunky soles.

30 plus fashion

style blog 30 plus style blog

fashion blogger over 30 Helen Hobden black skater dress

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So there we are! Three quite different style ideas for spring; I hope they’ve given you some inspiration for your clothes shopping! The weather we’ve been having lately is very hit or miss, so I’ve still got the leggings and long sleeves for these outfits, but hopefully as the weather warms up I can bare those arms and legs in my next fashion post!

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