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3rd and final day in New York + Review of The Wyndham New Yorker Hotel

3 days in New York

Our third day was only just over half a day really as we had a train to catch late afternoon to take us to Washington DC. So as this is a shorter post, I thought I’d include a quick review of the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel and my overall opinion in visiting New York.
There were no bus tours this day, but we took an Uber to see the Grand Central Station, and it really is not one to miss on your places to visit list! We ate breakfast in form of cookies in a cafe there called Zaro’s, and they were the most delicious cookie and chocolate chunk scone I’ve ever tasted in my life. Then we spent a while taking photographs….

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New York city guide

Grand Central Station photo

Visiting Grand Central Station, New York

Another Uber trip after that to the New York Natural History Museum. From early on, Rain and Jude have loved the London Natural History Museum, and Jude in particular asked to visit the ‘dinosaur museum’ many times! This one has no shortage of dinosaurs, and and interesting space and geology section.

Visiting the New York Natural History Museum

3 days in New York

Dinosaurs at the New York Natural History Museum

I’ll be honest, I would have been perfectly happy to miss this one out. The New York Natural History Museum was so crowded, it was not an enjoyable experience at all, and I didn’t think the exhibits were so amazing that it was a must-see attraction in New York. Oh well, Chris and the kids enjoyed it! It was interesting to see how museums in America differ from similar ones we’re familiar with in the UK. We also visited the Natural History museum in Los Angeles when we were there, if you’d like to take a look at that review.

After that I hailed a yellow cab, just so that I can say I’ve done that! and we ate at Applebeas in Times Square (overpriced and small portions) before rushing to pick our bags up from the hotel and get to Penn Station in time for our train. So, Reivew of the Wyndham New Yorker hotelhere’s a quick review of the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel: Basically, it was the cheapest hotel we could find within a reasonable walking distance to Times Square. (It’s not that we were

cheap hotels in New York

Our hotel room at the New Yorker

particularly interested in Times Square, but the bus tours we booked left from there.) We have traveled around the USA a few times now and stayed in some really cheap hotels and motels, but never have we had a room so small before! I suppose, that is the cost of being in central New York. Seriously though, the four of us and our suitcases did not really fit in the room and it was difficult for us all to get ready at the same time. Also they were the smallest double beds I’ve ever slept in too! However it was about a twenty minute walk to Times Square. Check Booking.com for current prices.

There was a 1930’s decor theme throughout the hotel, which I really liked. I cannot believe I have no photos of the stunning lobby, so I’ve put Rain’s video of our trip below, as she got some lovely footage. We weren’t impressed with the attached Tick Tock diner. We ate there one evening and I chose chicken with pasta. The chicken came deep fried and the pasta was in a tomato sauce – neither of which was stated on the menu. We received no service at all – no-one asked how our meals were or topped up the drinks. They didn’t bring a bill either, so in the end I had to find someone to ask for it. (Or ‘check’ as they say over there.)

My overall opinion from my brief visit to New York is very fast-paced, very crowded and actually rather rude. They haven’t heard of service with a smile in New York, and people bump into you all the time and never say sorry. I think it’s a place where you have to stay for a few weeks to really get the hang of it and get your bearings and just learn the way of things. The historical architecture was more beautiful than I expected; the size of New York was bigger than I expected. I know some people love the hustle and bustle, but  prefer the more relaxed feel of the West coast of America. I might actually be going back to New York unexpectedly quite soon and I’m looking forward to it not being my first time there, although I am going to be on my own this time, which is a little daunting. I’d like to explore Central Park some more and visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂




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