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Looking for the perfect base – Review of Boots No 7 day cream; Rimmel mattifying primer & Bare Minerals matt powder foundation

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I’m sure I could be psycho-analysed about this; but I cannot run out of something unless I’ve already bought the thing I’m going to use next – even if I know that’s not for some time! During our recent trip to America, I planned on buying a few products that I regularly use so that I have them all set to go when I ‘hit pan’ on my current ones! The first of these is the No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream. I stood in my local Boots a couple of months ago and couldn’t bring myself to spend £25 on the next one, so I thought I’d wait until I could get it slightly cheaper across the pond. The second item was Maybelline mineral powder foundation, but as they didn’t have that any more, I was tempted into buying the Bare Minerals matte powder foundation instead. The primer was an impulse purchase as I was drawn in by the ‘mattifying’ bit on the label. Yes, there is a theme here. And yes, if a matte moisturising day cream existed, I would buy that too!….

By the way, there is a YouTube video to go alongside this post so if you’d prefer to just watch that, then scroll down or click this link: YouTube beauty review.

Firstly my thoughts on the No7 Protect and Perfect day cream. I still like it, however I think the spf 30 has it’s pros and cons. The obvious pro is that it’s spf 30! Which means I can wear a moisturiser I actually like; know it won’t bring me out in spots, on holiday or just out in the sun here, and I won’t get sunburnt on my face. This is actually brilliant, but I don’t think I’ll keep it as my daily day cream through most of the year. The consistency just seemed thicker and never seems to completely be absorbed by my skin, so on our next trip to America, I’ll see if I can get it with spf 15 again as I know I loved my previous pots. If not, I’ll get the cheaper Boots No7 Beautiful Skin day cream without the Protect and Perfect bit. I had a sample size of this (which I told you about in this post when it came up in the Boots January Sales) and liked it.

Boots no7 day cream review

The next layer on my face was the Rimmel Stay Matte mattifying makeup primer. The packaging says this is “shine controlling; pore minimising; hydrating feel; smooths skin.” And apparently will control shine for up to eight hours. In the video, you’ll notice how I use the word “impressed” quite a lot; and it was mainly about this primer! I suppose my expectations were low because I’ve only ever tried one primer before (Colour correcting Hard Candy) which, quite frankly, I hated! So this one was brilliant compared to that. It certainly met all its claims (except perhaps the “hydrating feel” – I’m not sure about that); with makeup over the top, my pores disappeared and the mattifying properties were very impressive, particularly considering the day cream underneath was pretty shiny.

Rimmel stay matte primer review

I didn’t think I’d be one to bother with primer, but I’ll definitely be using this one when I go out out (not just to the shops out), or if I’m filming a couple of YouTube videos in a day.

beauty product reviews

Lastly it’s the Bare Minerals matte powder foundation, and another item I loved! It’s a bit more expensive than the price I usually pay for a powder foundation, but I actually think it’s worth it because it lasted so much better than other brands I’ve used in the past. My skin felt really soft and it didn’t cake at all in my wrinkles. You can dust it on lightly for a light coverage or build it up if you prefer and still didn’t go bitty on the dry bits of my nose!

Bare minerals matte powder foundation review

Overall my review of all three products is positive and I’ve been using all of them since filming the video and would repurchase when they run out.




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Kirsten Wick

Hi Helen, That primer sounds amazing and I would love to give it a try. I’m currently using one from Urban Decay but it’s always great to try a cheaper version. Love, Kirsten xx




Hi Kirsten,
I’ve only tried one other primer to compare it to, but I’m very happy to stick with this one if I can find it again. I’ve since seen somewhere else that Boots don’t stock it any more. Amazon have it, but I hope it’s not a sign that Rimmel are discontinuing this one!
Congratulations on your 30+ award nomination btw. Well deserved 🙂
Helen x


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