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Styling cream and khaki and enjoying a warm day!

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Khaki green is another regular colour that crops up in most autumn fashion style editorials in magazines at this time of year – some years more than most. I’ll admit, it doesn’t seem to be one of the major must-be-seen-in colours of fall 2017, but none-the-less I love it! It’s almost a neutral, and seems to go with every other colour in my wardrobe, except perhaps red and grey. And pale blue. Ok, so maybe not every colour, but quite a lot! It goes perfectly with dusky pink (of which I own a fair few items), black, and every shade of brown from dark chocolate to pale cream. On this occasion, I chose cream….

odd molly clothing

The soft ribbed top is from Odd Molly – one of my favourite ethical brands – and is so pretty with the dainty lace edging on the neckline, and the ribbon running through.

fashion blogger over 30

styling autumn fashion


The khaki green skirt is from surf brand Mambo (unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they do women’s clothing any more.) and has served me well. The wide drawstring waist means it has always fitted me; even throughout pregnancy. And yes, I have had it that long. (Twenty years.)  The cotton is a bit thin, so I’ve always worn it either with a petticoat underneath, or just leggings, like I have here.


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You can clearly see one of my stupid decisions in these photos: the fact that I thought it would be ok to spray bleach onto fabric in the garden (a sewing project – probably a fairy dress, but I can’t actually remember) without needing to change into old clothes that don’t matter if they accidentally get bleach on them! So that is what those pale splodges at the bottom of the front of the skirt is. I forget it’s there until I’m sitting in the car on our way out and it’s too late to change. It’s fine for a round-the-house item of clothing, but really I need to find a replacement skirt for going out in.

how to wear khaki

styling khaki

My shoes are my beloved pink suede Converse plimsols that Chris bought me for my birthday. I adore the rose copper metal eyelets and bits on the end of the laces. I knew it was a bit of a walk, so I wanted comfy shoes that also looked cool. They also work at not making the outfit look a bit old and frumpy-looking. Add a pair of All-stars and it’s instantly cool isn’t it?!

fall fashion over 30

By the way, the photos for this style blog post were taken at the wonderful Corfe Castle in Dorset. An amazing place to explore!

Although my clothing items are fairly old, here are some ideas to re-create the look with a cream top and khaki green skirt:

I hope you’re enjoying the rare few days of warmth we’re having at the moment!


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