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The jumper dress – perfect spring clothing for chilly dry days

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Yes I know these photos were taken in snow, but to be honest, looking out my window at the grey windy day outside with the fan heater blowing on my feet, it doesn’t actually feel far off! It occurred to me that actually the jumper dress is the perfect fashion item for spring; particularly when you’ve had enough of wearing a coat…

over 30 fashion blog

Winter this year seems to have dragged on forever, and I think everyone around me has had enough of seeing the same red coat I’ve been wearing since last October. It’s time for a change, but the temperature outside isn’t agreeing. Not yet anyway, although I have heard rumours that we’ll actually be seeing the sun tomorrow. Let’s see how long that lasts shall we?! In the mean time, I thought I would share this jumper dress that I bought from Charlotte Russe, a clothing shop in America that’s similar to Britain’s New Look. (Scroll down for ideas for similar jumper dresses.)

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Now, the problem with this jumper dress, is it is a little itchy, and as it was also a little cold the day we took these photos, I wore a long-sleeved jersey top underneath to help alleviate both issues. Unfortunately, as you can see, the top underneath has caused a sticky-out line at the hip level, which doesn’t look too attractive. I must remember this in future, as I could probably tuck the top into my leggings to stop that from happening!

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Charlotte Russe jumper dress

I felt the outfit needed a little something to lift the look, and this off-white chunky knit scarf was just the thing. (I confess, I’d actually bought it as a present, so I was hiding the tag!) It’s from Forever 21 and is sooo soft. However, if it is a little warm now for a thick scarf, then I’d wear the jumper dress with a long statement necklace; otherwise I think it would look too plain.

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And I mustn’t forget to tell you about my new boots! These were a present from Chris for Christmas. He knew the sort of thing I was looking for – I need a pair of knee-length boots to walk into the village in. They need to be waterproof enough to cope with the wet fields, but stylish enough to look good in a social situation. I was very disappointed in the Toggi boots I owned previously – the rubber joining the sole to the leather perished very quickly and I soon got wet feet. So far so good with these ones by Dublin, and I will keep you updated on how well they last.

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Shop the look from New Look:

New Look jumper dressnew look jumper dressgreen jumper dress


And the same chunky knit scarf is available from the UK Forever 21 website.

By the way, we did this little blogger photo-shoot at a place called Harriman State Park in New York. I stayed nearby for a month at the beginning of this year, and if you’d like to see behind the scenes of that day, please have a watch of this YouTube video (and if you’d like to see more, please click the subscribe button!):

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Outfit looks so cosy, Looks nice! 🙂



Thank you Christine, it is lovely and warm. 🙂



Helen, I adore you and all the fun things you do and make. Thank you for being here. You have helped me so much with upcycled piecing and sewing. ♥♥♥ Char



Hi Char! Thank you for your lovely comment; I’m glad I’ve helped with your upcycling projects. 🙂


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