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Joe Browns clothing, Autumn / Fall 2018

Joe Browns clothing autumn 2018

I always love it when a catalogue of the new season’s clothing from Joe Browns lands on my doormat. (Metaphorical doormat. We actually have a damp patch of concrete below the letterbox.) And this particular time, there was one item that made me get online to make an order. And it was a purple coat….

Chris bought me a beautiful long red coat a few years ago for Christmas, and I still absolutely love it. However, blog readers and YouTube viewers are probably a bit bored of it by now! And I was thinking that I’d like a shorter option as the red coat doesn’t always go perfectly with my outfit. The purple one caught my eye because it looked like it was made from similar fabric, and the design was just very cool.

Click the pictures for more info about each item. (These are affiliate links.)

So anyway, after far too long browsing the Joe Browns website, I picked five items including the coat. Delivery was five days – it would have been four if the My Hermes driver had bothered to turn round. (She admitted she went sailing past our house the previous day.) Anyway, the coat was just a cool as it promised to be. My gripes are with the hood – which is pointless – just a piece of floppy fabric and not really useable as a hood at all. And the fact that it’s quite itchy. I’m hoping it softens over time. Otherwise, I love it and know I will wear it a lot. It’s a good deep shade of purple; zips up with two ties which are really flattering; has cool thumb holes and I like the ruching detail on the bottom of the sleeves.

I also bought a 1950’s style summer dress for less than half price – I couldn’t leave that behind could I? However, the mustard colour of the flowers and the thistles actually give it a bit of an autumnal feel, so if the weather stays as beautiful as it is today, I’ll definitely be able to wear it paired with some brown boots. I also have a mustard jumper that looks good over the top.

It is pretty much completely the wrong time of year for the next Joe Browns item of clothing I bought! It’s a very pretty lace top with short sleeves and buttons up the front. However, we do have a winter sun holiday booked, and I’m looking forward to wearing this then. I think it will work well over a swimming costume by the pool, or over a vest and lightweight trousers.

Next we have a gorgeous fit and flare dress that I am totally in love with. It’s grey Prince of Wales type grey check print and is a pinafore style. I find Joe Browns clothes are often made with a high waist, so I was glad that I could adjust it slightly with buttons on the straps to lower it. It is simply the perfect dress  and I’m hoping it’s one of the designs Joe Browns chooses to replicate over again with different colours. I will definitely buy them all! It makes great quirky smart office wear, but is also comfortable enough to wear around the house. I will definitely pick this dress for working from home days. Fortunately for me, that’s every day!

And lastly, I chose another coat! Yes, you wait for ages and then two come along at once. I so nearly didn’t put this in my basket, because as you can imagine, two coats definitely hike up the cost of the order, but I just couldn’t resist it. I’m so glad I didn’t because I actually prefer it to the purple coat. I thought about choosing between them, but in the end I couldn’t; I love them both.

This one, with the way it flares out from the waist, makes it absolutely perfect to wear with my 1950’s style skirts and dresses. I know I’ll never find another coat as nice as this one, so it’s not likely to be my walking the dog coat, but I can’t wait to wear it out and about and show it off!

If it helps you to see the clothing on, then I did film a try-on session. I’m currently a size 18 and everything fitted true to size. Here’s the video from my YouTube channel:

And here are some of the other items of clothing from Joe Browns that I loved, but sadly had to leave behind for now:

Which would you choose?

PS. Even my cat told me to buy it!

Joe Browns autumn 2018 catalogue


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