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Tea for people who don’t like tea! (And for those who do.)

Adagio teas

When Adagio Teas asked if I’d like to work with them, I had to be honest in my reply; that I don’t actually like tea. On my trips to America, this is like saying I’m not actually British, but my main disgruntle is that I couldn’t join in with all the beautiful Instagrams of cups of tea! I do, however like fruit infusions, and the mango flavoured tea I had at the Jane Austen Centre a couple of weeks ago was very nice, so I asked if I could try their flavoured tea….

Adagio tea reviewI expected a little sample box, but Adagio Teas were very generous and have sent me enough tea to last some time! I have to be honest, I was pretty excited to unpack everything and see what I had. Their varieties are endless! I have an array of individual fruit teas, and then there are many mixes of fruits. There are herbal teas and Oolong teas (No I didn’t know either – it Chinese semi-oxidised tea); black teas, white teas, green teas, chai and more.

Is it bad that I had to look up what chai is as well? And after googling it I’m none the wiser! It’s obviously some type of tea, possibly of Indian origin, but from a Chinese name, and probably spicy, but often used as slang for ordinary tea. I think.

Anyway, I’ve had the big box of Adagio tea now for a week and have been trying to get into the tea drinking habit in order to try as many types as possible. So far my favourites have been peach bellini herbal tea, pumpkin spice black tea (how perfect for this time of year?) and grapefruit oolong tea. Surprisingly I wasn’t so keen on the blackberry black tea. I can’t wait to try the samples of sweet tooth teas with chocolate and caramel, and there’s a box of Christmas teas too with names such as candy cane, candy apple, gingerbread and chestnut.

Speciality loose leaf teas

I’ll be giving my verdict on some of these flavours on my Twitter account, and also on my Instagram, now that I can join the tealover hashtag! I’ve already had lots of fun faffing for the photos for this blog post, and expect to see a lot more: Tea on window sills; tea on coffee tables next to penguin classics; tea by the fire with a casually strewn blanket; tea surrounded by seasonal floral displays; tea with Christmas baubles. You get the idea. And if you’re interested in finding out more, head on over to the Adagio Tea website as that tells you about how the tea is directly sourced from the artisan farmers. This is quality stuff – there was even rose petals in the peach bellini tea for goodness sake! Be sure to click on the ‘Learn’ tab. I ended up losing a lot of time peaking my interest and learning about tea! I’ve been a plain and simple water drinker all my life, but I am honestly now a convert to tea. Just not the ordinary kind.

Trying flavoured loose leaf teas

How much tea do you drink? Which is your tea of choice? Are you a fuss-pot like me and will only dane to drink loose-leaf flavoured speciality tea?!


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