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Visiting Indian Well State Park in Connecticut and styling a bohemian red dress

Visiting Indian well state park

When Chris and I have a trip to Connecticut for his work, we always make the best of the weekends by going exploring. And I make the best of going exploring by making sure we get the outfit posts for the blog at the same time! This was a little visit to Indian Well State Park….

To be honest, I should have done a bit more research. I would say it was less of a park and more of a car park – a huge one! So although our visit was on a chilly autumn day, I expect the place must be packed in summer! And the one attraction: a big lake. Or maybe it was a river, I’m not sure.

Indian Well State Park

A russet red dress for fall

Lake swimming isn’t something we really do in England, but over in the states, it’s a normal thing, with shorelines set up with rows of sun loungers and parasols, and even lifeguards to keep an eye on the swimmers. We witnessed this on our trip in August and was so popular, queues down surrounding roads were disrupting traffic! It’s completely bizarre to me though! I expect the situation at Indian Well State park is a similar one, judging by the number of car parking spaces and the fact that there was nothing else there to do. Well, there were picnic tables and a few people were fishing.

Visiting Indian Well State park

I thought that I might have missed something, so I’ve just had a quick google and there is a steep hike from there to a waterfall. That might be worth finding if we are passing again, but really, although the river view was fairly pretty, and hardly anyone was there; it wasn’t peaceful due to the main road the other side of the water, so I don’t think a return visit is likely. I took a photo of the sign so you could see all the information, including the high parking fee and the fact that no pets are allowed. Luckily the fee isn’t payable outside their summer hours, but that also means the toilet block is closed. There was a portaloo at the fishing pier end though.

The bohemian style red dress we photographed while we were there was bought on our trip in January, and is from American supermarket style shop, Target. I really like the fluted sleeve detail and the embroidered pattern at the neckline, and of course the colour is perfect for Autumn, or perhaps I should say Fall!

Styling a red dress for autumn

30 plus fashion blogger styling a red dress

Although no longer in store, if you spot the dress on ebay or somewhere, I should warn you that although the outer layer is a nice cotton material, it is spoiled by being lined with cheap stretchy polyester that feels uncomfortable. Judging from the unlined sleeves, I don’t think the cotton on its own will be particularly see-through, so my plan is to wield my fabric scissors at it as soon as I can and get rid of the lining!

A fluted sleeve red dress

a bohemian style red dress

The fabric has a sort-of poplin weave; I love the tiny pompoms edging the sleeves and the embroidery detail on the front. Together it gives the red dress a very bohemian style.

A bohemian style dress

My calf-length leather boots are from Timberland and are a couple of years old now. They are definitely some of the best-worn footwear I’ve ever owned!

Styling brown calf length boots

Shop the look: (All similar)

If you’d like to watch my whole trip, please take a look at this video of weeks 1 and 2, and this video of weeks 3 and 4.

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See the dress in video on my latest Lookbook:

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