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The Perfect Purple Winter Coat

Styling the Joe Browns Dreamer Hooded jacket

I didn’t know I actually needed a purple coat until I found one. As I mentioned before though, it was the whole reason for my Joe Browns order a few weeks ago, and I’ve hardly stopped wearing it since it arrived! Although it definitely is purple, it isn’t in-your-face purple, and surprisingly, the colour goes with pretty much everything I own!

I know I’ve kind-of mentioned this coat quite a lot already, in the Joe Browns order post, the Joe Browns try-on haul, the post where I wear it to a Halloween event, and my new Lookbook that I posted on YouTube today; so I’ll try not to go on about it too much more after this! But this is why I like it so much:

* The fabric is quite thin, but also quite warm. It means you can layer your jumper underneath without overheating, but you won’t freeze to death either.

Styling the Joe Browns purple coat

* There are really cool design details such as the ruching by the cuffs, the thumb hole and the wide collar leading to a big fairytale style hood.

Purple hooded jacket

*It zips all the way to the top to keep your chest warm, and there are also these tie-up flaps that make the coat extra flattering.

30 plus fashion blogger

*The coat has good deep pockets!

The perfect purple winter coat

*The coat is just the right length for wearing with trousers as well as dresses, so this is a good option if you only have space in your wardrobe for one coat. My red coat is quite long, and it just didn’t look right with trousers!

purple coat

Ok, I admit, there are a couple of down-sides to the Joe Browns purple coat: It was a little itchy at first, but this has already softened and doesn’t bother me now. The extra ties are a bit of a faff, but I think they’re worth it. And the hood could’ve done with stiffening – I might get round to doing this myself actually. It looks really cool hanging at the back, but when you wear it it’s far too floppy – ok for keeping a light misty drizzle off for a few minutes, but really you need an umbrella as well.

Best winter coat

By the way, I’m so excited to be nominated in the Fashion and Lifestyle categories of the UK Blog awards, but I need your help to get onto the shortlist. I would appreciate it SO much if you could just follow this link and click ‘Vote now’ under When I Grow Up Blog. Thank you!

Anyway, I love the purple coat, and am so glad I made that Joe Browns order, I haven’t regretted any of it! Would you wear a colourful coat or do you prefer sticking to black? If you like the colour, but my one isn’t quite right for you; here are some more choices from Asos. (These are affiliate links.)

See the coat in action on my latest Lookbook video:


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