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Styling my new cute Joe Browns winter coat

Joe Browns blue coat

You need a different coat for different occasions and different types of outfit don’t you? You do, don’t you?! So I refuse to feel guilty about the fact that I have purchased THREE new coats this winter!!

Joe Browns Faux fur collar coat

I bought a purple coat, also from Joe Browns, to wear with trousers and when my long wool red coat isn’t suitable. I bought my red rain coat from Joules because it was an absolute bargain and I needed a waterproof coat for walks when I still want to look fairly stylish. And I bought this blue coat from Joe Browns for times when I am wearing a 1950’s style dress or skirt that sticks out a bit and I don’t want my coat to flatten it down. I also bought it because as soon as I tried it on, I flipping well LOVED it!

cute blue tweed coat

It was one of those moments when you put on a garment for the first time and you can’t stop smiling because it’s just so perfect! It fits well and flatters my curvy figure. I love the over-sized buttons (I can do them up with gloves on!) and the bow on the back is super cute.

Blue 1950's style coat

The fabric is like a loosely woven tweed, but softer – it’s quite difficult to explain it properly – hopefully you get the idea from the photos. It’s quite heavy, and lined, so it’s great for this cold weather. The faux fur collar made it perfect for the chilly snowy day when we took these photos, but it is detachable to make it more appropriate for autumn and spring, or if you want to wear the coat with your choice of scarf instead.

Joe Browns plus size coat


There are one or two downsides to the coat. 1. It’s such a shame it doesn’t have a hood. That would’ve made it 100% perfect! 2. I wear leggings a lot in winter, and most of the pairs I own are black. I know a lot of fashion stylists say blue and black are fine together, but every time I wear them I pull a grimace expression in the mirror, so I just don’t think I can get on board that opinion! However blue and brown, or blue and grey look great together, so I just think I will have to stock up on more leggings in those colours!


Blue plus size coat

I wore my Joe Browns coat with several layers underneath to keep warm, including a navy thick jersey dress; and wore my knee length brown waterproof boots by Dublin to keep my feet warm and dry. They were pretty grippy in the snow too so I was impressed!

Plus size fashion blogger over 40 styling blue coat

Cute bow detail on blue coat

We took these outfit photos at Postbridge in Dartmoor, Devon last weekend when the snow was still around. It was so pretty! But I would advise only going there in snowy weather if you have a 4×4 as we saw many a car get stuck that day! (The vlog of our day out to Dartmoor will be over on my YouTube channel later in the month.)

Shop the look:

Search for ‘Faux Fur Collar Coat’ on the Joe Browns website. (I can’t seem to link to the actual item.)

Dublin waterproof knee length boots:

More coats perfect for wearing over flared skirts and dresses:

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