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Styling a lagenlook navy blue tunic dress

Styling a lagenlook tunic dress

Spring is not the friend of the fashion blogger. One minute it’s snowing, and the next it’s like the middle of summer, and the minute we post an outfit shoot in one of those conditions, it will have completely changed again! I have my fingers crossed a little that we’ll have another burst of snow so that all the photos we took that weekend in February won’t look out of place!

Styling a navy Made In Italy dress

Styling a navy Made In Italy dress

This is a navy blue lagenlook style tunic dress that Chris bought me for Christmas. I tell you what, with all its roominess, it is perfect for the post-Christmas tummy, and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately! The label is Made in Italy – one of my favourite brands (but also has the most confusing name – try looking online for a dress ‘Made in Italy’!) It doesn’t have its own UK online shop, so you have to look out for stockists. I usually go to Kit and Kaboodle. If you live near Bath, there’s a stall in the High Street that sells Made in Italy clothing, and the shop, Flock, in The Corridor sometimes has a small selection. Chris actually bought this dress from Etsy. I’ve looked around and I can’t find the exact hanky hem dress anywhere else so I will begrudgingly link to the place where it’s from. It isn’t handmade by the seller, so it’s actually breaking the rules of Etsy and makes it difficult for real handmade clothing shops like Threads of a Fairytale to compete.

Age 40 fashion blog - a navy blue tunic dress

Flattering it isn’t – let’s be honest, but we don’t always have to wear something that makes us look slimmer or accentuate certain curves or whatever do we? I think partly the reason I love this dress so much, is its short length. Yes it’s baggy and loose, but because of the quirky style of the shorter handkerchief hem, the lagenlook style doesn’t look at all frumpy.

A navy lagenlook tunic dress

Fashion blogger over 40 - a navy lagenlook dress

Navy blue Made In Italy dress

I like the seam stitching details of this dress – there’s a lot of fabric so this breaks it up a bit and give it some texture. AND the dress has pockets!

A tunic dress with pockets

I’m not keen on black worn with blue, so I chose brown leggings underneath instead of my usual black. And I wore the outfit with knee length brown boots. These are my ones I walk through fields in and were nice and grippy, and waterproof, in the snow. They’re the ‘River boots’ by a brand called Dublin; they do wide calf sizes and I’ve been very impressed with them so far.

Dublin brown knee length boots

The blue sea glass necklace was also a Christmas gift from Chris, (and really was handmade) by a seller called Seaham Waves on Etsy. It’s beautiful and I love it.

Handmade blue stone necklace

These photos were taken at Dartmoor National Park in Devon; and yes, I did grab my coat immediately afterwards!

Shop the look:

(As well as navy, the dress is also available in black, terracotta, teal and wine.)

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