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How to dress more creatively (part 5) Be inspired by TV and film

Outlander clothing

If you really are in a style rut, why not take note of what your favourite characters are wearing in the television programmes and films you watch? Even if it’s set in Jane Austen’s times, there might be fashion details that you could incorporate into your wardrobe…

Welcome to my series about how to dress more creatively. People bored with the contents of their wardrobe have asked for my help, so here’s my guide to moving away from the jeans and Breton striped tops you might automatically reach for!

Outlander jacket

Bustle coat

Have you seen the Outlander series on Amazon Prime? Chris and I have been hooked since we were introduced to it a couple of years ago, and the fifth series is coming to our screens this weekend. I can’t wait to find out what happens next, but there’s no denying that part of my enjoyment of watching is for the period costumes! And yes, I do appreciate that going out in a full late eighteenth century outfit might not be entirely practical, but there are definitely flourishes I’m going to start wearing inspired by that time. For example, I do love a good ruffle at the end of my sleeve!

Here I have cheated a bit, because I actually found some official clothing merchandise for the Outlander series in the EMP catalogue. So this jacket with its frilled collar and big bustle, is actually in Fraser tartan (from the Scottish clan of the hero of the story.) I was so excited when I found it, I also bought the matching skirt and shoulder cape, but they will have to wait for another blog post! The jacket fastens with a sturdy zip up the front, so we have modern-day practicality thought of – I’m glad I don’t have to lace it up every time I wear it. And the lacing at the back is just for decoration, though is helpful to adjust if you didn’t buy the right size!

Outlander fashion

History bounding

So if you’d like to show your appreciation for a television program or film, look for some official items that fit with clothing you already own. Unfortunately, most clothing shops seem to think this is the domain of the young, so it means venturing into alternative shops such as Blue Banana, or Hot Topic if you’re in America. In the UK, Primark usually has a selection of clothing from popular shows, and is still stocking Harry Potter related items. I’d recommend making the most of the tourist gift shop when you’re visiting a related place, such as Disney World or the Harry Potter Studios, or looking online to see what comes up from online shops you might not have heard of before. I have a Griffindor Hoody (Bought at the studios gift shop) I wear all the time at home, and a Harry Potter cardigan (Bought in Hot Topic) I wear out a lot too. You can see it in this blog post when I was doing an understated Halloween outfit; and this post, where it just happened to be the cardigan that went well with the preppy outfit I’d picked to wear.

Bustle jacket

Alternatively, use inspiration from your favourite on-screen characters to style what you have in a different way. Watch out for outfit ideas and see if you can recreate an element of the fashion you like. If you’re not used to wearing something like that out in public, start with a safe reason to try it. Do what we do and have fun with it whenever we go to the cinema or visit a place known for a particular programme. In this blog post I’ve gone for a 1920’s – 1930’s style inspiration for when we went to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I went as Professor Trelauny when we visited the Warner Brothers Studios, and all I had to do differently was pair a skirt and blouse I wouldn’t ordinarily wear together, and add a headscarf.

Let me know which characters inspire you to try something different!

This is another time I wore the Outlander jacket. And here are the Outlander clothes EMP have in stock at the moment:

Style Inspiration,

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I love this jacket with all the details! You styled it so well too. Great choice!



Thank you Mireille 🙂 There’s ruffles at the cuffs, ruffles round the collar, ruffles down the bustle! Love it, haha!


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