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Mixing casual with dressed up

How to style a tutu skirt

It may be the usual thing when picking your outfit to wear, to go for either casual or fancy items; but I love mixing the two together…

Mixing high end and casual

It’s the juxtaposition – as you sometimes hear in the fashion world, of one type of item against another, and this is actually one of my favourite things to do when picking what to wear. I usually go casual on the top half, and mix a jumper with a fancy skirt – like I’ve done in these photos – or worn over a smart dress. The advantage to this is getting much more wear out of clothing you have that you normally only choose for special occasions. This tutu net skirt would look great for a party with a satin or velvet strappy vest top and sparkly heels, but I think looks just as good dressed down for everyday wear. As you can see, it was a snow day when we took these photos, so I wore the outfit with my warm black fur-lined boots, however, in warmer weather, this outfit would look cool with bare legs and trainers – maybe low-rise converse.

Mixing dressed up with casual, (or ‘high/low’ – to coin another fashionista phrase!) also works the other way around, particularly with a regular pair of jeans. Jeans look great mixed with a casual top, but I think look even better if you go high-end on the top and team them with a blouse or cami-top in a more luxurious fabric. Add a smart blazer over the top of that and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will look more stylish than if you went all one way or the other!

styling a tutu skirt

ballet style fashion

ballerina style

The dusky pink mesh tutu skirt was from H&M a few years ago and I absolutely love it! I love anything ballerina style really! So the grey faux crossover jumper goes perfectly as it reminds me of those crossover cardigans I wore at ballet a long time ago! It’s a really soft cotton knit and I bought it from Forever 21 two years ago. I bought the double pom-pom hat last year from Amazon, and it’s fleece-lined and really warm! Apparently pompoms are out of fashion this season, but who cares about that?!

styling a ballerina knitstyling a tutu skirt

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