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Make me a supermodel

On channel 5, 8pm approx, every other day; live show on Friday

I’ve been watching most of these programs throughout the series – though I missed the first few; and as it’s the final this week, I thought I’d get my opinions in quickly before it’s too late. Whatever you do guys; do not vote for marianne – what a stuck-up bitch!!! I’m worried that people might vote for Luke because he comes on telly being all cute and smiley on the Friday shows; but did you see him a couple of weeks ago? He’s just as much of a bitch as Marianne! (Don’t hold back Helen).

So if you are going to vote for anyone, please let it be Jen or Albert – I don’t really mind which – though I do fancy Albert. I can’t believe he’s only 20! I shall have to find out where he surfs; accidents easily happen when you’re trying to get out a wetsuit ;o)

What I find amazing in this program is how people’s egos can inflate so easily. It was most apparent when Luke, Waz (I’m glad he went – he was the biggest bitch of the lot!) and Marianne went to Paris – you could just ell that the whole time they were thinking ‘gosh aren’t I bloody fabulous’. It was almost scary to watch.

For all it’s worth about the whole Jen thing – I do think that the people on the panel were just mean to her – they shouldn’t have put her in the house at all if they didn’t think she was a possibility to win. Or was that just down to the ratings and they used her, predicting this situation all along? Tandy is the worst! Get Waz’s, Marianne’s and Luke’s bitchiness together, and times that by a hundred and you might get near to Tandy. She seems to enjoy putting people down. And none of it’s necessary in the live show – it’s about her catwalk performance on the night – not how much she has eaten during the week. What Rachel Hunter said last Friday about Jen using ‘being a model for the real people’ as an excuse didn’t really make sense and wasn’t at all relevant at the time.

If they want the model of their choice at the end of the day, they shouldn’t be doing the Live ‘Walk-off’ should they. They should just admit defeat in trying to do an original model competition on telly and suffer without the money they make from phone-calls. Of course people are going to vote for who they like and not who they think will make the best model. That’s what reality tv with phone-ins is all about. whether the compeition is for singing, dancing, modelling, circus performing; it’s completely irrelevent – it’s simply about popularity.

added 15th November:

Did you see last night’s show? Rachel Hunter and Peru (the photographer who wears sunglasses all the time because he thinks he looks cool, whereas the rest of us thinks it’s just bad manners and makes him look a bit like a nob) went into the room with Marianne with the sole intention of slagging off Jen. I couldn’t believe it!! There are only 2 things to say about that: Either the channel 5 bosses were just off camera saying to them ‘Go on, get in there and try and get Marianne to be horrible about Jen because all this fat vs thin stuff is getting great ratings” (admittedly Marianne didn’t rise to it, but she did do a very sickly smug grin) OR it’s a simple fact that Rachel Hunter was being extremely unprofessional. I mean, her role on this show is to be ‘Model mentor’ so how on earth does that give her the right to say IN FRONT OF THE OTHER CONTESTANTS that Jen is playing a game and going for the sumpathy vote! Out of order I say.

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