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Weekly Wardrobe – Off to a Faery Fayre

The right level of fairyish-ness had to be achieved for visiting the Avalon Faery Fayre yesterday. I don’t want to be boring and not look remotely dressed for the occasion, but nor do I want to go all out fairy, like I would for a festival. I think I got the tone right, and when I bought the headdress moments after arriving there, my look was complete!….

Avalon Faery Fayre outfits

Avalon Faery Fayre outfits

Rain had no such qualms about overdoing it though, and went for a full-on pastel witch look, making herself a rather cool hat that everyone commented on. This was from cutting up and using fabric from her old dressing gown! (I’ll have her working for Oshun in no time!) The velvet cloak was adapted from one that was in my fabric stash and originally came from our local amateur dramatics group when they had a wardrobe clear-out.


My pale blush pink top was a second-hand ebay purchase and is from Odd Molly – one of my favourite ethical brands. The ribbed cotton is flattering and the lace and ribbon at the neckline is very pretty.



I’ve had the lilac cardigan for about ten years and is by Sandwich. I’m not quite sure why there are two layers to tie at the front, so I often leave the underneath layer dangling down like this, just to make it a bit more interesting!


The Khaki green skirt is from Mambo, and another one I’ve had so long I can’t actually remember where I got it from. I love the shape of it and keep meaning to try and replicate the pattern to make my own skirts. (Another sewing plan I haven’t got round to yet.) It’s a real shame that it got splodges of bleach on the front near the hem from when I was helping Rain with a craft project a while ago, so I don’t really wear it out much now. The floatyness and uneven hem give it a very fairyish feel though.


I mentioned the boots last week, but we managed a better photo this time with daylight. They’re just an old cheapy purchase that have lasted very well.


The copper and pearl bead necklace was a hand-me-down from my sister, who, after getting her colours analysed , discarded most things that were not on her swatch card. I agree, these warm tones don’t really suit me either, but they went with this autumn outfit perfectly.


Fairy headdress

Fairy headdress

The crowning glory of the outfit is obviously the headdress by Driftwood Hollow. Rain bought one from their stall a couple of years ago and is always complimented on it when she wears it, and I’ve been thinking about getting my own for a while. The colours are so pretty in this one and it matched what I was wearing perfectly, so I had to get it really! I just need more occasions to wear it.

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White Lillia

Driftwood Hollow

Driftwood Hollow

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