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Could The Greatest Showman film spark a circus fashion trend?

circus fashion

(Alternative title: Clowning about in the woods!)
I became a little suspicious back in November when I had the chance to browse some well-known high-street shops in a city. I noticed that the stripe trend had turned vertical, and wider, like circus tents! And combined with ruffles, the effect of these details does point to the circus! It’s been known to happen before with a popular musical movie: Do you remember the 1920’s fashion trend of 2013 that well and truly kicked off after the success of The Great Gatsby? I for one am not complaining, I love everything about the circus, particularly the wonderful clothing!….

These are my favourite picks of circus fashion from Asos:

circus fashionnew look stripy jumpsuitAsos circus styleasos fashion haulred ruffle topPlus size fashioncircus style on asosplus size ruffle skirt

Chris and I went to watch The Greatest Showman at the cinema while we were in America last month. I loved it, and can’t wait for it to come to itunes to watch it again. The soundtrack is so uplifting and powerful, if you haven’t heard it yet, you must do now! By chance I had packed with me this purple ruffled skirt and with the sequin embellishments; the lace, and the lower dipped hem at the back, it really does have circus vibes.

circus fashion

I bought the plum purple ruffled skirt from a maker selling her wares at the Glastonbury Frost Fayre a few years ago. There’s no label so I can’t point you in her direction I’m afraid, but have a look on Etsy for similar.

styling the circus trend

We took these photos at Harriman State park in New York just before the sun set on a cloudy day. When the sun disappeared it was freezing!

how to style the circus trend

I wore a long-sleeved top underneath the one you can see, which came from my Everything Five pounds mini-haul. I just needed that extra layer of warmth! The leggings were good thick ones, and I bought the boots from Amazon. They were faux-fur lined all through, and kept my feet toasty, but definitely go up a size if you purchase them too.

british fashion blogger

I’m not entirely sure about the buttons all the way down the back of the top. I like things a bit different, but I’m a bit worried it just looks like I’ve got it on the wrong way round!

uk fashion blogger over 30

circus fashion

Circus style

circus fashion

Shop the look:

And if you love circus fashion, then please take a look at my handmade clothing on Etsy, my Indian Summer Collection is full of style inspired by the circus.

Threads of a fairytale circus style

Threads of a Fairytale

Will you be embracing all things stripy, frilly, sparkly and ruffly in your clothing in 2018? Go on – you know you want to!

See how I styled the same circus skirt for a walk on the beach.
See how I wore the ruffled circus skirt at Glastonbury Festival.

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