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The stories of last week’s Instagram photos

Photo of Wistman's Wood

Come and find out the little behind-the-scenes stories of my photography on Instagram last week…

Foggy walk in the Lake District

I love the way fog makes a landscape look so mysterious. This was taken nearly two years ago when we had a few days staying in the Lake District. Some days we had a plan, but on this one, we just drove around to see what we could see. As we went higher and higher into the hills, the fog increased and I would think it became quite dangerous to go walking in some places. However, this was just by a pub carpark where we were about to have lunch, and I told the kids not to go far. Loki enjoyed stretching his legs for a bit, and was a good boy that holiday!


how to choose a word of the year

You might have seen this photo already in my blog post about choosing a word of the year. It’s pretty self explanatory which word I chose! I also had fun making a YouTube video talking about it, and showing how I used pyrography to write out my word on a sycamore charm to keep with me. This is one of those rare occasions where the photo was actually taken within a couple of days of posting it! It’s a self-timer photo, and as I wanted the narrow depth of field, there are many discarded attempts where the charm wasn’t at all in focus!


Magical Wistman's Wood in Devon

This is the magical and mysterious Wistman’s Wood in Devon, taken a year ago on a weirdly warm January day. It was very busy with people, so it often took a while to get the photos without dog-walkers or children playing in the background, and we ended up being there far too late and having to use the torches on our phones to see our way back over the moors! We didn’t spot any hell-hounds though. You can see this location was used for the photo-shoot for my floaty red dress blog post, and also for the linen tunic dress. I also shared all the photos I took in this blog post about Wistman’s Wood last year, where I’ve also put the YouTube video I made of the day if you fancy a watch.



This has to be the most instant Instagram I’ve ever posted! It went from setting up and taking the photo in the morning to editing and posting it in the afternoon! I’d already written the blog post to go with it, and I didn’t want it hanging around until it wasn’t relevant any more, so for once, I was pretty up-to-date with everything. If you haven’t read it yet, I wrote a post about how I’ve been feeling for the last couple of weeks; how I’ve been getting quite stressed with all the pressure of having everything planned and sorted in January ready for the rest of the year. I thought a good way of illustrating this was to be surrounded with all my notebooks and planners. (Confession: This isn’t even all the notebooks I brought with me! And there are plenty more at home on the go as well!)


Snowy oak leaf

And lastly, Friday’s photo was simply because I thought it looked pretty. I took this last Saturday at Montgomery Pinetum in Greenwich (Connecticut) in a gap when the snow briefly stopped falling. We’d taken a few outfit photos for a style blog post, but before returning to the car, I took a couple of photos I was pleased with, and this is one of them. When it’s dark and grey, it’s difficult to find landscape compositions that look good, even though you feel they should look good because of the snow! So zooming in on the details was the best way to find a photo.

I’m not sure how helpful it is to include camera settings, but if you’re interested in photography and would like to know them, leave a comment below and I’ll get the information for you. These photos are all taken from my personal account, Helen Hobden, but don’t forget I also have my clothing business account, Threads of a Fairytale, and also our portrait account with photos by Chris, Photos of a Fairytale.

I used:


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