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Stories of the week’s Instagram photos

Winter forest

Come and find out the little behind-the-scenes stories of my photography on Instagram over last week…

The Lake district

Monday’s photo was taken in the Lake District when we went on a mini-break there nearly three years ago. I’m sorry, I have absolutely no idea which lake this is! We were just driving by and spotted a small quiet beach and decided to jump out and have a quick look. Chris had brought his drone with him on the trip, and we did a quick drone flight from there, if you’d like to have a look at theLake District YouTube video I made at the time.


Grass at sunset

I took the photo of the grasses during our American trip in October. It’s at Cove Island Park and the water you can see behind is where the small boats come in from the ocean to moor. The sun began to set and cast this beautiful warm light, it was really pretty.


Harriman state park in winter

The wintry forest photo was taken the week before last during our least successful photo-shoot day we’ve had on this trip to America. We managed to photograph one outfit before it started to rain, and then it didn’t stop until half an hour before sunset. It was dark early due to the thick cloud, but the remaining light was this beautiful blue colour. As we drove through Harriman State park we stopped a few times for me to jump out and take a photo. You’ll soon be seeing a few more from this evening!


Twisted Hazel in snow

The twisted Hazel branches were at Montgomery Pinetum on our snowy first weekend of this six week trip to America that I’m currently on now. We were very lucky because just as we reached the park the snow actually stopped falling, and when we returned to the car, it started again, so we were able to spend about an hour in between taking photos.


Hill Top, Cumbria

And lastly, Friday’s photo was in the Lake District again. I don’t know what is drawing me back there in my photo files at the moment! Maybe it’s time to return. This window belongs to Hill Top, home of Beatrix Potter, and famous for appearing in several of her books, including Peter Rabbit. I used to read them when I was little and dreamed of living in a home like that in the countryside and have all the animals around me be able to talk. Only half of that came true!

I’m not sure how helpful it is to include camera settings, but if you’re interested in photography and would like to know them, leave a comment below and I’ll get the information for you. These photos are all taken from my personal account, Helen Hobden, but don’t forget I also have my clothing business account, Threads of a Fairytale, and also our portrait account with photos by Chris, Photos of a Fairytale.

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