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40 plus fashion blogger in Bath, Somerset

Styling a short cord skirt (autumn/fall 2018 trends)

On Saturday we went to Bath for afternoon tea to celebrate Jude’s birthday. Of course I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity for a lovely Georgian Bath stone background, so I dressed in an outfit I knew I wanted to feature on the blog and Chris brought the camera with him! I had in mind a fashion video for my YouTube channel where I styled this cord velvet skirt three different ways, so I picked one of them….

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how to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn

Do you need me to tell you how to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn / fall?

‘How to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn’ is a typical title for blogs and YouTube videos at this time of year, but really the cynical side of me wonders why? Why on earth do we need someone to tell us how to dress? It’s not rocket science: As the weather gets colder, our clothes get warmer. Right; let’s go home!
However, as you probably know by now, I love all things fashion, so I absorb this sort of content all the same. So here’s my take on how to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn…..

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Pink fairytale dress

Making a flower fairy dress for Threads of a Fairytale

I haven’t shared my work for Threads of a Fairytale here for a while, so I thought it was time I changed that! I’m also planning on blogging more often and linking more blogs with videos on my YouTube channel. There’s something about September that feels like a new year isn’t there? Even though this is the first autumn neither of our kids are starting a new term! So this dress is perfect for princess flower fairies off to the ball or alternative brides who would like to wear pink on their wedding day…..

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Tesco F&F dress worn by fashion blogger

Styling an end-of-summer summer dress

I’m slightly worried because I had another of those, ‘Yes I’ll just buy it without trying it on’ moments the other day in Tesco. I loved the mustard yellow colour (something that’s creeping into my wardrobe more and more lately) and the ditsy blue and red floral print over it was so pretty. The ruffles confirmed the purchase in my mind. Because, you know, I just love ruffles….

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Floaty white dress worn by 30 plus fashion blogger

Styling the summer holiday white dress (Or winter portrait photography dress-up!)

This fashion blog post is going to be divided into two halves. We took some photos for this on our Greece holiday last year in the blazing hot sun; and then we did another photo-shoot in January by an ice-covered lake in America with a cozy blanket thrown over my shoulders! Anyway, better suited for this time of year, here is the perfect summer holiday dress….

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Styling a blue floral 1950’s style dress

Probably the best thing about having a husband who is a keen portrait photographer, is the fact that he sometimes buys me clothes just so I have something new for him to photograph. How cool is that? And this blue floral 1950’s style dress was one of those items. You’re not getting any complaints from me!….

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Styling a mustard yellow dress

Styling the summer 2018 trends: The mustard yellow dress

I don’t remember the last time I wore yellow. I don’t think I even wore it as a child, but the muse (or something) descended, and I was inspired to buy two yellow dresses in one day! The first was a paler yellow dress from Marks and Spencer – view the style post here – and then when I popped into Primark to buy a bra to wear with it, I spotted this mustard yellow dress and picked it up too!….

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styling a pink dress

Styling the Spring/Summer 2018 trends: Pink

I have several items in my wardrobe of the dusky blush pink variety; but not so many of the brighter and pastel shades of pink that are on trend this season. I’ll have to be honest, is isn’t a shade that I think suits me very much, but this dress was so lovely, I wasn’t going to pass it by due to the colour! Some of these photos show how I styled it last summer, and some are from cooler days this spring, so they give you a couple of different ideas for how to style a pink dress….

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thirty plus British style blogger wearing boho dress

Styling a bohemian summer dress

Although the shops often seem full of boho dresses at this time of year, I struggle to find one in a colour or pattern that I actually like! This summer dress by Joanna Hope (bought via ebay) is now a favourite in my wardrobe. It’s in a beautiful dusky shade of khaki green and has an off-white pretty pattern all over. Perfect for summer holiday vibes!….

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fashion blogger wearing a floral shirt dress

How to style a floral shirt dress; perfect spring fashion

I don’t know about you, but as we marched into April I had so had enough of winter! I was desperate to move away from my dark coloured winter wardrobe and wear some florals. I only went in Primark to buy a cheap skin-coloured bra as we were away in the camper and I’d forgotten to pack one! But on my way to the till I spotted this floral shirt dress that I just picked up (along with a mustard dress, coming to the style inspo section on the blog soon!) and took it with me….

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